St Gerard's school wishes to maintain strong links with our alumni and help towards nurturing a cohesive network of people linked to the school, and to each other. Whether you have only just left us or St Gerard's is a distant memory, we hope that this website will help to keep you informed and involved with us and your fellow alumni.  This website is updated regularly, so please visit again to see what new developments are in store for St Gerard's.

Centenary Celebrations

During 2017, St Gerard's celebrated its centenary.  The school was established in 1915, but was located on the school's current site, Ffriddoedd Road in 1917.  Many ex-teachers and ex-pupils attended the centenary. It was a fantastic success.

An update about the centenary celebration

Preparations are moving ahead at a pace now as the date (July 1st) draws near and we are daily receiving requests for tickets from different generations of former students, which is really exciting. So if you want to join us to celebrate this unique landmark in the school’s history, please get in touch on The more the merrier!

The school will be open to visitors on the afternoon of July 1st between 2pm and 5 pm before the evening event which is being held at Neuadd Reichel.  This will be a buffet and an auction of gifts and promises.  Tickets are £25 per person, £20 to former students who are still students. 

It has been really heart-warming to hear from ex- pupils how fond their memories are of their time here and to see the degree of interest in the centenary evening event from different generations, so we are quietly confident that it will be well-attended, as people sign up.

Of course, there is huge interest in the buildings and how they may have changed and equally in the teachers who have taught at various times. Members of staff both current and past will also be there..

From this unique event we are hoping to renew and maintain, contact with our wider family, creating an association of friends who may want to gather together on future occasions, support the school in different ways such as offering careers advice, work- experience opportunities etc. Those we have educated with such commitment are an untapped resource in this respect.

Gift Aid

If anyone wishes to make a donation to the school and is a taxpayer, we are now registered for gift aid contributions. Please contact us for further information

Auction of promises

If anyone wishes to make a promise or provide a gift for the evening please get in touch 


Let's make the most of this unique moment in the school's history.


Reunions and Events

Are you thinking about gathering a reunion for all of your old school friends?
St Gerard's can help you with your reunion in a number of ways:

If you are interested in publicising your alumni event please get in touch on +44 (0)1248 351 656 or  Please include a brief description of the event, your email address and telephone number.

Once your reunion has taken place, we would be grateful for any further write-ups and photos. We will then be able to include it on our website and it may even feature in our annual school newsletter or yearbook.

Keeping in touch

St Gerard’s alumni can keep in touch via our school Facebook (St Gerard’s School Trust) or twitter (@stgerardsbangor) pages for current information and events.  If you would like to be added to our alumni list, please e-mail your details to


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