Will You Help Us Inspire Our Students?

Student Inspiration Video 1


I am going to be honest – I always wanted to be a teacher. My mum never tires of telling me that when I came home from my first day at school, I immediately gathered my toys together and went through what I had learned. Something inside me clicked and now I am fortunate enough to have the best job in the world. But what would have happened if I hadn’t had that feeling?

The truth is that our students have to make a huge number of big decisions about their futures at a very early stage in their lives and experience. Starting with GCSE subjects in Year 9, every successive year brings with it a whole new range of choices and the big question is always about how what they decide now will impact their future paths. Whilst some have definite ideas about possible careers, others are not sure at all. There are so many options and an ever-increasing range of factors to take into account for each one.

This term is a major decision-making term for our students, especially those in Year 9 and above. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing as they try to discern what they want and what they need to do to actually make it happen. If you think back, can you remember what it is like? I am a Year 12 form tutor and they are certainly reminding me. I am so aware of what a super group they are – so full of energy, promise and curiosity.

We are hopeful that you might help us come together and try to inspire our students based on our own careers and experiences of decision-making.

Would you make a short video of yourself talking about what you do?
Why do you think it is a great job?
What is your top tip for making decisions?

If you are willing to take part, please make your video in landscape orientation and keep it to a maximum of one minute. Email the results to: ttough@st-gerards.org and I will blend them together to create an inspiring video that pools our collective experience. All adult family members are welcome to take part and we would love to hear about all different types of roles – you don’t need to say who you are on the video, but we do want to hear your advice! Wouldn’t it be amazing if your words sparked the interest of our lovely students? Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait!


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