Year 0-11: 

Outer Coat
Plain Navy jacket (Compulsory) 
Polo Shirt
Light blue school polo shirt with crest (Compulsory) 
Sweat shirt 
Navy school sweatshirt with crest (Compulsory)

Trousers or skirt (compulsory)
Trousers must be of a full length, plain navy, tailored and without external pockets.

Skinny trousers, leggings, jeans or trousers made of any kind of denim or denim look alike are not 
permitted. If a belt is required it must be plain black with a simple buckle.
Skirts should be plain navy and not shorter than mid-thigh or longer than mid-calf, they should not be tight 
or have a slit. Where skirts are worn, they should be accompanied by plain navy socks or 
Smart plain navy shorts (not sportswear) may be worn between 1 May and 30 Sept.

Shoes should be plain black and heels should not exceed 4cm (compulsory).

The only permitted jewellery which may be worn is:
Make-up is not permitted for pupils in Years 8 or below. Pupils in Years 9-11 may wear minimal make-up at the discretion of the Headmaster. Coloured nail varnish and false nails are not permitted.
Year 0-6: 
As above with the following addition:

Years 12 & 13:
There is no uniform for sixth form. However, pupils are expected to take a safe and sensible approach to dress. The following are not permitted:

PE Uniform:


Info: Everything listed above with the excption of boys trousers & girls trousers/skirts can only be bought at St Gerards School Trust or Boppers (Colwyn Bay). 

School Uniform Policy: 

School Uniform Policy




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