year 3 & 4 in school in July

Dear parents,

The first week has gone very well for all parties concerned. I have spoken to every child over the week and they all seem delighted to be back and have spoken of a return to some kind of normality. I know that some of them have been nervous about the return but I feel that they have appreciated the interaction with friends, teachers and familiar surroundings.

The children themselves have been fantastic. They have behaved impeccably, have been respectful of the distancing rules and adhered to the many other new rules. It has been great to hear the sound of children around the building!

Our start to a blended learning approach has been successful and those at home have been able to join in with the lessons being delivered in school. I feel that this has also helped those at home keep in touch with school, friends and bring back a sense of normality.

Once again, thank you for your overwhelming support during these stressful and difficult times. I will hopefully see you all at some stage during our last week of term before we break-up for the summer holidays! End of year reports will be distributed as normal in this coming week.


Yours sincerely

Campbell Harrison




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