To enrol on the D of E programme for any of the awards (bronze, silver, gold) pupils should speak to either Dr. S. Key or Mrs. B. Percy.



To enrol a pupil for the D of E award as a participant:

There will also be costs involved for each expedition and any other associated trips that are organised. Typical expedition costs are the hire of the minibus, food, camping and equipment. These will be set per expedition. There will be opportunities to borrow kit and donations of suitable items will be much appreciated.

After that, the costs are up to you - how much it costs will depend on the activities the pupil chooses to do.  

The D of E website provides more information.

The enrolment fee covers the following:

 For each participant the D of E has to fundraise another £15 to cover their costs. Please use the D of E reward card and links on the website to purchase items or participate in fundraising opportunities.

Getting involved

Whatever activities your child has chosen to pursue for their D of E programme, they will need your support and guidance to help them through. As well as encouraging them to keep their eDofE pages up-to-date, you may be called upon to offer lifts to their after-school activities as well as provide financial support if necessary.

If you feel that you’ve got a special skill to offer or have ideas for the volunteering section, please let us know.

You don’t need special qualifications to be a D of E volunteer – from giving guidance and advice or training and assessing young people’s progress, to driving a minibus or helping with administration, there’s a role for everyone. If you have regular involvement you will need to undergo the standard safeguarding checks. You could also choose to fundraise to support our D of E groups, other more disadvantaged groups in the area, or for the D of E Charity nationally.


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