Year 8 are working on a 'Welsh Relevance' unit at the moment and focusing on the power of place. Year 8 read the story of Santes Dwynwen and the students have been writing their own stories inspired by it. Part of the plan for the trip included reading their work to each other on the beach (a brave plan for the end of January in North Wales!), so they could hardly believe their eyes when they woke up to sunshine on the day of our trip! It really was stunning weather and it was wonderful to listen to the murmur of their voices reading some very creative responses to the task in such a beautiful, atmospheric place. They also took photographs to be projected as part of their Eisteddfod drama projects, while also creating word art based on their overall response to being at the beach. Mrs Sauter kindly organised for us to take hot chocolate with us too, so overall it was a really special day. Well done everyone and thank you to Mrs Hughes for organising it.

We have some sound recordings from the day here as well:

Sounds of Llanddwyn 1


Llandwyn 2


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