“I want to thank St Gerard’s again for helping me through my A-levels.

I was there for 6th form (Yr12 + 13), I studied Maths, Physics and Biology.

I came to St Gerard’s from another  local school after scoring poorly in my Year 12 AS Exams, my grades were E,E,E,D at the end of Year 12. My final grades in St Gerard’s were A*A*A along with 5 university offers at the end of Year 13.

St Gerard’s provided a focused and conducive learning environment for me in which I could focus and work towards my aspirational grades. I had fantastic teachers and support in all my subjects and recourse to individual help at any time. These factors built for me a strong background in Maths and Physics which I went on to utilise in my subsequent undergraduate degree: Acoustics and Music Technology - University of Edinburgh. 

St Gerard’s elucidated for me a career path as a 17 year old with overlapping interests in Music Production and Maths/Physics. I expressed my dilemma to Headteacher, Mr Harrison, who helped guide me and I utilised a comprehensive book of every single University course- I found my niche! 

St Gerard’s gave me every relevant support and reference in the University application processes, which guaranteed the success attained. As a form we had designated morning sessions for university applications;  help in editing and reviewing personal statements, guidance on student culture (finance, budgeting, halls, safety etc), and unique and accurate character references. 

Currently I am finishing up my second year at the University of Edinburgh studying the aforementioned course Acoustics and Music Technology. 

I am also in the early stages of my career in Music production outside of my degree, exercising fundamental skills such as band recordings, Mixing/Mastering projects and working on my own material. Fortunately enough I had a recent dance track of mine approved and aired on the Scottish radio by: BBC Radio Scotland. 

Here is my recent Dance Ep


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