Many students have had an enriching summer which they are keen to tell us about, both at home and abroad.  Their stories are far beyond the clichéd essays we might remember having to write when we were at school ourselves.  Here, Lois (Year 13) tells us about a very special experience:

"This summer, I joined Abbey Gate College School on their expedition to Eswatini (Swaziland) in the south of Africa.

Our main project whilst out there was building accommodation for teachers at Mlindzini High School, as their existing living quarters had become overcrowded and cramped. As well as helping out on the building site, we also had the opportunity to go on many wildlife safaris at game reserves, where we did game counts and removed invasive plant species in an effort to help local conservation efforts. We managed to spot animals such as zebra, giraffe, lion, rhino, elephant, antelope and wildebeest in their natural environments.

Coming home from the trip we all felt like changed people: not only had we made a real difference for the teachers in their rural community, but we had also learned great life skills such as teamwork, cooking, and budgeting.”

Thank you for sharing details (and amazing photographs) of what sounds like a really rewarding and exciting summer, Lois.




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