As a follow-on article to one previous published in the Anchor, we thought we’d share some more information about the trip to Eswatini, Africa. Lois gave an inspirational assembly to the whole school as well as sharing some of the those amazing pictures of the wildlife (we still can’t believe her photos!). We were given a lot more information about the actual project of helping the community construct school buildings.

Lois was one of 18 young people from the UK that took part. The trip was organised through the 'Sense Earth' organisation. They have had links with this school in Eswatini since 2014 and they help organise trips like this to Africa and to other places around the world.

Before embarking on the trip, each member of the team was required to fundraise to help pay for materials used on site during the building project.

Lois explained that the school was located at the top of a mountain. It was quite difficult to carry all of the materials including huge containers of water. The local community volunteers would hoist a container each onto their heads to transport it with ease whilst two of the youngsters on the expedition would struggle to carry a bucket between them!

Cement was mixed by hand, breeze blocks were made on site (a good way to enhance muscle building) and they were then  carried to where they were needed. Good progress was made in the first week and then, after returning from safari, they were able to help paint and complete the build – a new accommodation block for the teachers!

Lois was effusive and excited to share tales of her trip with the school. She highly recommended the trip to everyone as it was a truly life changing experience for her. Anyone that is interested in this type of expedition should speak to Mrs Parker who helped organise the trip. She has the advice and links that you may need, especially with Sense Earth who Lois couldn’t praise highly enough.

Well done Lois and thank you for sharing your story with us. Africa Lois


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