Plas Menai 8 and 9

One of the highlights for our school community this term has been the outdoor activity days we have run at Plas Menai.

Mrs Parker commented on the great team spirit shown by the students from Years 8 and 9 when paddle boarding in the Menai Straits with six students per board.  It was huge fun, and whilst plenty of students were soaked, it was not always accidental!

Guided by Plas Menai’s helpful instructors, the students also worked their way through a climbing course and low ropes.  A ‘high point’ of the course was the Leap of Faith: a rickety tower topped by a tiny platform from which students jumped.  Their aim was to grab or touch a suspended ball – a feat achieved by Owen, Rose, Sophie and Xuan.

The students showed off their resilience and cooperation and came away with some lovely memories.  Thank you to all at Plas Menai for facilitating such great days.

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