Nature is one of our greatest teachers.

Understanding and respecting nature, the environment and the interdependence of humans, animals, plants, and lifecycles can and should be introduced and encouraged on our very doorstep.

Years 3&4 have enjoyed beginning to explore the outside world and the wildlife within it.

From constructing a ‘flat-pack’ bird box, to choosing a suitable location for it to be placed, the pupils have learnt and explored a wide range of new skills within a safe environment.

Using manual and power tools to accurately assemble their boxes, pupils applied both reasoning and procedural skills throughout the process.

Facilitated and assisted by our knowledgeable caretakers, the pupils ensured their boxes were suitable for different breeds of birds to encourage wildlife to flourish in our school grounds over the coming months and years.

The children were excited to choose an appropriate location for their boxes to be placed, using a compass to ensure they faced the right direction, to provide the birds with an ideal environment to nest.

They are keen to monitor their boxes for any sign of life and will take on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining their work to make sure they last and are enjoyed for a very long time to come!

Making Bird Boxes    Bird Box 2  Bird Box 3  Bird Box 5   Bird Box 4 Bird Box 6 

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