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When I started in year 7 at St Gerard’s I was not a student who was outstandingly academic, nor was I confident within myself as a person. I joined St Gerard’s alone from my primary school and was very nervous for the life changing event that is joining secondary school.

            From day 1, I was taken in by the staff and encouraged to grow and develop my potential, not only in my academic career, but as a person. I flourished academically with staff who genuinely wanted to see me do well and became invested in my dreams for the future. I was very fortunate to have teachers who believed in me when I struggled to believe in my own ability, and was offered support in varying forms to ensure that I understood the material, even if I was too shy to raise my hand in class.

            I was also encouraged to develop my strengths academically; being put forward for 1st Language Welsh GCSE allowed me to push to my full potential and gain the qualifications that were of value to me and accurately depict my abilities. This provided me with a unique CV that I could be proud of.

I went to the University of Hertfordshire, and although not the Russel Group University that most students desire, it is the leading university in my chosen career and I was supported as equally as those around me going to the more prestigious Russel Group Universities. I did not find university easy, however the determination and encouragement to always strive for a personal best taught by St Gerard’s resulted in graduating my BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science degree with First Class Honours.

I am now a Paramedic working with the London Ambulance Service with the hope to develop my career further, and the potential to undertake a Masters. I have been allowed to develop from a quiet girl too shy to raise her hand in class, to a Paramedic leading a team of Police, Fire Service and other Ambulance crews to provide the best possible care for my patients. An achievement that I would not have reached without the strong foundations created at St Gerard’s.


Sara Pigott

From St Gerards to the London Ambulance Service 2

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