Earlier in the year, you might recall that our Year 9 students worked on poetry as part of a unit about growing up in Wales. Amongst other texts, students studied a poem by Evrah Rose, and following a strong student response, this turned into an ongoing relationship with her: Evrah very generously gave time to discuss the motivation for her work and her creative process.

On Monday (sadly delayed by Covid), Evrah came in to run a short workshop with our students. The focus was very much on the ways in which poetry can act as an outlet when we experience difficulties, and students were given an incredibly useful insight into the cathartic power of self-expression through poetry, another excellent strategy to improve our wellbeing.  Evrah’s messages were fairly simple: write from the heart, begin by deciding what you want to say, and more generally, that ‘kindness is a choice’.

We are really grateful to Evrah for her kindness, time and passion, not only in terms of her own work, but in the way she demonstrated that poetry is a living, accessible and relevant art form in the 21st century. Thanks also to Mrs Tough for organizing this excellent opportunity for our students.

Poem 1


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