We can reliably predict that our activity days will be great fun for the students, and that the staff at Plas Menai will support us admirably, but there is always one unpredictable factor: the weather.

Year 11’s day began windy, with the threat of a downpour, but whilst the wind never died down, it blew the clouds away, and they ended up with a gorgeous blue sky.  Getting wet was entirely down to the skills and balance – or lack of it – possessed by the students.

They were split into two groups.  Both had a go at sailing the Straits, but with winds rising (with gusts at 6 on the Beaufort Scale, 11-14 meters/second), windsurfing was a morning-only activity.  Even then, just getting the windsurf sails down to the water was a Herculean task, and several ended up in (rather than on) the water.

Yr 11 Activity day 2


Ethan, Megan, Mali, Sophie, and Tallulah were the first to head out on the rib and then onto their sailing boat. With small crews of four or five, everyone got a chance to try out steering, rigging, and general sailing activities.

Thank you again to all at Plas Menai.  Behaving impeccably and embracing everything thrown at them, the students also did themselves, and St Gerard’s, proud.

Yr 11 Activity day 4

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