Developing our talents together

Co-curricular clubs and activities occur throughout the academic year.  These foster pupil knowledge, develop skills in the arts, while also acting as preparation for events.

After-school clubs

In both the junior and the senior schools, we have co-curricular after-school activities.  Following the end of lessons pupils have the opportunity to engage in sports clubs (basketball, netball, football, badminton, etc.) as well as drama and music/acapella.

Sports clubs

Sports clubs including Football, netball, basketball, Badminton and games take place throughout the week.  These clubs give pupils the opportunity to hone their skills to represent St Gerard’s school Trust in fixtures and competitions throughout the year.


Weekly afterschool sessions take place to encourage pupils to have fun while developing good core strength and wellbeing. 

Music/School choir

Both individually and in groups, students engage with music at all levels at St Gerard's.  Some pupils undertake tutoring for individual instruments while others are involved with our school choir and our ensembles. Ensembles practice during after school sessions.  One of the main events of the school calendar, our Cathedral Service, is supported by our talented young musicians.

Lunchtime co-curricular activities

Nomads - Creative writing

Weekly sessions are held by the English department to encourage creative writing, known as Nomads.  This group has a well-established tradition at St Gerard's and promotes individual creativity, language development and writing skills.


Weekly sessions held by our science department encourage pupils to engage and reinforce what they have learned during lesson time and foster open thinking. This terms lunch time science clubs include Forensics and Marvel Science Club


Weekly sessions held by our Art department provide an opportunity for pupils to explore new techniques and develop existing skills.

Other lunchtime co-curricular activities include maths clinic, board games, dance, coding, geography and fitness.

Duke of Edinburgh

The school is an accredited provider of the Duke of Edinburgh program and has pupils enrolled on the bronze, silver and gold awards.  Please have a look on our DoE pages.


Subscriptions for after school co-curricular activities are requested on a termly basis. Lunchtime activities are included as part of the school fees programme. For further details, please contact us on



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